10 Best Fonts for Your Resume in 2024 


The efforts students put into education get rewarded when they get a job. Unfortunately, getting hired is not as easy as it was in the 20th century. The tips and tricks of a resounding resume play an important role in a career. Many people have mastered the basics needed in a resume. However, most of them ignore the things that look small. How fast an individual lands a job can be determined by the small things on their CV. That’s why CV writers do not assume the essence of resume font in winning a job. 2024 presents job seekers with an opportunity to improve their resumes. These 10 popular fonts for resumes might make the difference and land you a job.

  1. Calibri

Calibri is one of the fonts widely used by resume writers. It has an appealing design and was created specifically for reading on the screens. Due to this, it is easy to read Calibri-based texts. It is excellent for formatting and can be styled in many different ways. If you need a font that will not disappoint you, Calibri font for your resume is a good choice. 

  1. Book Antiqua

Book Antiqua looks distinct in text offering you a cool appearance. Its design was inspired by the Palatino, another font that is popular among writers. Several reasons make Book Antiqua the best font for a resume title and body. 

  • Nearly 90% of books are written with Book Antiqua
  • It has an appealing design
  • It is good for writing headings
  • It has an attractively looking italic type

Fonts are good for elevating the visual appeal of a job applicant’s resume. Selecting the best fonts helps them stay high in the competition within the job market. You need to select fonts that offer you an excellent balance between your CV’s readability and style. You must showcase your skills and qualifications in the best way possible. The perfect font that you want to use might not be available in Word. It is easy to add font to Word and create the best CV ever. If you are using a Mac, you cannot import font into Word directly. To import Microsoft font for Mac, you add them in a file located in the Font Book app first. From there, you can add them to Word and create the most attractive CV. 

  1. Palatino

Palatino was created specifically for people who want to create striking headings and eye-catching display ads. It has an appealing structure and has remained a top choice for designers globally. When you need to be keen on font type and size for resume, Palatino makes a good choice. 

  1. Arial 

Arial is one of the most popular professional fonts in the typesetting world globally. It comes as the default font in most word processing and design applications. It has a design that makes it look soft and pronounced. It is also available in a variety of designs such as bold, narrow, and normal. 

  1. Roboto

Roboto is widely used in Android applications and Google products. Google developed it in 2011 and its popularity has grown since then. One of the reasons you should use it as one of the best fonts for a resume is its wide range of font weights. 

  1. Tahoma

Tahoma lets you create a CV that looks cool and impressive. It’s a True Type font that can be scaled to the smallest or largest size possible. Texts written with it look closely spaced. These attributes make it perfect for creating compacted resumes.

  1. Times New Roman

Times New Roman is popular in the publishing world. It is one of the fonts designed when computers first appeared. It is excellently readable and most companies prefer to use it in their texts. 

  1. Verdana

Verdana presents a clean and easy-to-read design. It can be scaled at different sizes without affecting its readability. It has simple curves and was developed for reading on computer screens. It’s best for creating CV headings. 

  1. Cambria 

Cambria is a timeless font widely used in the professional field. It looks attractive on printed documents and also on the screen. The font is well-spaced and features a proportionate design. 

  1. Garamond

Garamond has been in use for many years in both professional and non-professional fields. It looks formal and dignified in any text. Due to its popularity, it is a common font on book covers, resumes, and most posters. 


Resumes are important when you are looking for a job. The period taken before landing a rewarding career might be determined by the fonts you choose and how you tweak them. There are many fonts you can use to create a professionally-looking CV. Choose the font to use based on the job field but avoid mixing too many in one resume. Some organizations request applicants to use a standard font style. If they do, any of these fonts covered here will work well.